Cassidy Pinkston

 Company Director

Our dance teams consist of 3 different levels :Performance, Star and Power. We encourage our dancers to break out of their comfort zones and really challenge themselves. The confidence they gain within them selves is priceless and better than any trophy they could ever receive! Its hard work to learn hard work ethic and determination, but its so worth it!

 Congrats to Our New 2018 RHDS Dance Team!!

This year is going to be Epic! We are invited to Perform In 

NEW YORK CITY!! Broadway here we come!!

Competitive Training

The Dancers have a vigorous schedule of classes each week. Normally about 5-10 hours a week they train in all genres of dance, technique and conditioning. The dancers must pass academically, and provide a community service. These dancers are well rounded and not only train for a purpose but have a drive and passion for this art!

We travel and compete which can get costly so please be aware of the financial commitment as well as the time commitment to train. Being on the team takes a discipline, dedication and respect of others on the team. For more questions about Dance Team please contact Cassidy at

Be on an award winning dance team!

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2017 Award Winning RHDS Dance Team!

Our dancers are taught by our most creative staff!

Katie Kiefer

Artistic Director

Train together, perform together and Win on our competitive team!